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Future plans

Jurassic version 1 focused on building a correct and complete ECMAScript engine.

Version 2 focused on the following:
  • Better performance
    • Basic type inference
    • Loop peeling
  • Allow the use of this DLL within Silverlight
    • Include a demo page with an embedded Silverlight REPL

Ideas for later versions:
  • Fully integrated debugging within Visual Studio by means of an add-in
  • Better performance
    • Loop-invariant code motion
    • Full type inference
  • Allow the use of JavaScript with ASP.NET
  • Allow compiling JavaScript into a stand-alone EXE
  • DLR support
  • Easier access to existing .NET classes (without requiring any modifications)
  • Investigate Mono and WP7 compatibility
    • Unfortunately, it is not possible to port to WP7 due to the missing Reflection.Emit namespace.
  • Investigate CommonJS and Node.js
  • Create NuGet package.

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cmcbf Feb 6, 2012 at 12:21 AM 
1) An debug api to step into, step out (execute line by line), get source line, inspect variable, run, stop. This allow an aplication to emulate an debugger (see, they already do that in their javascript engine)

2) Ability to generate an DLL file from js, to posterior use with Engine (like Engine.ExecutePrecompiledJavascriptDll ("mydll.dll"); that skip parse, and compile and optimization stages and executes directly, speeding execution;

3) Make ToJSDate public

4) Implement SetTimeOut, SetInterval and WebWorker

5) Implement XMLHttpRequest object

6) Integrate DynamicObjectWraper directly inside of Objectinstance (Only when Jurassic nevermore support Net 3.5)

7) Implement Typed Array, and Binary types, like Int64 -

this will permit usage of Jurassic with WEBGL, 3d graphic aplications and the usage of Jurassic with databases that have biginteger fields.

8) An visual Studio debug PlugIn
May be help to implement this.

paulbartrum Jan 3, 2012 at 8:40 PM 
I think so, yes. That feature is referring to the use of JavaScript directly within an ASPX file (with language="JavaScript" in the header).

bbeswick Jan 3, 2012 at 3:21 AM 
I see that "Allow the use of JavaScript" with ASP.NET is listed as a future feature above. I have been testing with Jurassic in an ASP.NET application and it is working really well. Is there something I am missing?