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Conformance Tests

Running Jurassic against the test262 test suite (11/11/2011) produces the following results:

Jurassic v2.1 Nightly (26/11/11) Jurassic v2.1 Nightly on Windows Phone 7 (19/12/11)
Tests successful 10,283 10,247
Tests failed 759 795
Tests skipped 79* 79*
Total tests 11,121 11,121

*test262 defines a list of tests to skip. Tests that are skipped are normally buggy or invalid in some way.

Failure areas:
  • Jurassic currently doesn't support freezing or setting properties on array indices. This produces the majority of the errors.
  • Jurassic leverages the regular expression engine built into .NET. This engine tends to be less forgiving of syntax errors then the ECMAScript standard requires and has a few edge cases that don't meet the spec.

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