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Date benchmark is somewhat slow on v2.2.

Mar 5, 2014 at 8:45 PM
Hi, I was running sunspider benchmark on my old laptop on v2.2 just released,

It is very pleased to see overall performance is almost similar to Rhino.
Excellent job!

Just one point i like to comment,

The jurassic's date benchmark is 5x to 10x worse than rhino or nashorn.
If the date benchmark can be improved, jurassic total score will be far better than rhino one.
(my scripts does not use dates intensively, this score is still excellent.)

Jurrassic v2.2

date: 4466.1ms +- 1.5%
format-tofte: 4069.4ms +- 1.6%
format-xparb: 396.7ms +- 1.9%

Rhino 1.7R5

date: 924.9ms +- 0.8%
format-tofte:        526.1ms +-  1.3%
format-xparb:        398.7ms +-  1.9%

Nashorn Beta

(on JVM 1.8)
date: 499.9ms +- 17.4%
format-tofte:        396.7ms +- 16.5%
format-xparb:        103.1ms +- 20.9%