What is Jurassic?

Jurassic is an implementation of the ECMAScript language and runtime. It aims to provide the best performing and most standards-compliant implementation of JavaScript for .NET. Jurassic is not intended for end-users; instead it is intended to be integrated into .NET programs. If you are the author of a .NET program, you can use Jurassic to compile and execute JavaScript code.


  • Supports all ECMAScript 3 and ECMAScript 5 functionality, including ES5 strict mode
  • Well tested - passes over five thousand unit tests (with over thirty thousand asserts)
  • Simple yet powerful API
  • Compiles JavaScript into .NET bytecode (CIL); not an interpreter
  • Deployed as a single .NET assembly (no native code)
  • Basic support for integrated debugging within Visual Studio
  • Uses light-weight code generation, so generated code is fully garbage collected
  • Tested on .NET 3.5, .NET 4 and Silverlight

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Try it Now

You can enter javascript commands into the console below (requires silverlight).

Example: 5+5
Example: Math.sin(3)
Example: for(var i=0;i<8;i++)console.log(i&2?new Array((i&1)+1).join(' ')+'\\':new Array(2-(i&1)).join(' ')+'/')


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