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TypeConverter.ToObject method cannot handle CLR type

--- Steps to reproduce Setup ObjectInstance with a property pointing to a CLR type. Prepare JS which tries to use the CLR type. --- Observed behavior: The execution fails with error: Canno...

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Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program

I'm looking to fix an issue. I know this is an old program, if someone thinks I should use something else please feel free to tell me that. In a C# MVC 4.6 app I am able to load and run a javascr...

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Still Error using Jurrasic basic functions

I just try to compile the following code, but i get an error. why? var tmpgender="it"; var tmpnamestr=tmpgender.toLowerCase(); I use the jurassic.dll in unity and everything else works fine (l...

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Unity IL2CPP build errors

I'm using Jurassic in Unity. When compiling from Xcode (after generated project from Unity using IL2CPP) I got two errors (See attached).

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async/await support

hi, can you implement async/await support?

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Slow compilation of large code blocks

I'm not sure how much this can be helped since you do have a rather nice lexer and code generator, but in some cases I've noticed code to compile slowly. That is, say you have one function call t...

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ArrayTypeMismatch Exception

I am getting an ArrayTypeMismatch exception when I execute some JavaScript code. The C# code for what I'm doing is fairly simple: var engine = new ScriptEngine(); // Execute the marked.js script...

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Add ColumnNumber to JavaScriptException

I have already added it, you can see them here,

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Downloadable v2.2 release has DLL v2.1

The DLL assembly version is in the pre-compiled downloadable archive, and Nuget package.

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Requesting DLL's Be Signed

I am attempting to do an ILMerge with another library. The library that I have is signed and in order for ILMerge to work Jurassic.dll also needs to be signed. I am requesting that a signed version...

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