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Non-standard and deprecated functions

A number of functions are either non-standard or were officially deprecated by the Ecma standardization group. These functions are supported for compatibility reasons but they should not be used in new code. Support for these functions may be removed at a future date.

The following functions are deprecated:
The following functions are non-standard:
  • String.prototype.trimLeft
  • String.prototype.trimRight
  • String.prototype.anchor
  • String.prototype.big
  • String.prototype.blink
  • String.prototype.bold
  • String.prototype.fixed
  • String.prototype.fontcolor
  • String.prototype.fontsize
  • String.prototype.italics
  • String.prototype.quote (new in v2)
  • String.prototype.small
  • String.prototype.strike
  • String.prototype.sub
  • String.prototype.sup

The following properties are non-standard:
  • Function.prototype.displayName
  • RegExp.$1 - RegExp.$9 (new in v2.1)
  • RegExp.input, RegExp.$_ (new in v2.1)
  • RegExp.lastMatch (new in v2.1)
  • RegExp.lastParen (new in v2.1)
  • RegExp.leftContext (new in v2.1)
  • RegExp.rightContext (new in v2.1)

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